Maple Cinnamon Toast Treats *

These delicious wheat free treats are also soy-free, made with organic oat and rice flours, sweetened with brown sugar and molasses, with a hint of maple and spice. Your dogs will ask for more! 

8oz Bag of Biskitz $6.95 More Info
Hunka Cruncha Carob Treats *

Tasty, crunchy carob treats, made with organic oat flour, flavored with yummy organic carob. This is the sweet taste that dogs crave!

8oz Bag of Biskitz $6.95 More Info
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Pumpkin Pie Treats *

Tasty pumpkin pie flavored treats, made with organic oats, pumpkin and spices.  You need only provide the whipped cream for this delight!

8oz Bag of Biskitz $6.95 More Info
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* All Bowzer Biskitz flavors are wheat free!!
NEW:  Order 3+ of same flavor, and get Value-Sized at no extra charge.

Peanut Butter Droolers *

We're picky about the nuts that make our pups drool.  We use only peanut butter made from Valencia peanuts, which has been shown to have the lowest incidence of aflatoxin, an icky common peanut mold.

8oz Bag of Biskitz $6.95 More Info